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Housing for Health OC is contracted for CalOptima who serves as the Managed Care Provider for Orange County.  HHOC offers a number of services through CalOptima under the CalAIM program 




Housing Navigation Services 
Navigation services are intended to support a member who is currently at risk of losing their housing or is unhoused.  Navigation services include assisting with document readiness, resolving debt and credit concerns, applying for a housing voucher, landlord engagement, and move-in assistance.  Many members who receive Housing Navigation Services through HHOC are enrolled in Housing Sustainability and Tenancy Services once move-in is complete, allowing them
to receive important support services that support their long term housing sustainability and improvements in their quality of life.  




Housing Deposits  
Members who are enrolled in Housing Navigation Services are eligible for the once in a lifetime benefit.  Members can utilize up to $5000.00 to assist with securing a housing unit, including the first month of rent and a deposit. Additionally, the benefit allows for basic household items that are necessary to accommodate the members transition into housing.  



Housing Sustainability and Tenancy Services  
Sustainability and Tenancy services are offered once an individual has been housed.  These services may include but are not limited to landlord engagement, being a good neighbor, financial management skills, community integration, and behavioral and physical health management.  




Day Habilitation Services
Day Habilitation Services are offered to members who are at risk of homelessness or are experiencing homelessness.  The Service is intended to support members in developing life skills development that will improve their quality of life and suppo
rt their housing sustainability.  Day Habilitation can be offered in a one-on-one setting or in a classroom based environment.  




Enhanced Care Management 
Enhanced Care Management services provided to populations
of focus (as prescribed by the Department of Health Care Services). 
Enhanced Care Management is intended to provide a whole-person approach to care while addressing clinical and non-clinical needs of complex members.

Short Term Post Hospitalization
Coming soon

At-Risk and Homeless Service Providers

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