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Spotlight on Brittany Daly from Jamboree Health

At Housing for Health OC, we are thrilled to highlight the incredible work of our partners whenever we get the opportunity! This month, we are featuring Brittany Daly, a dedicated Program Manager at Jamboree Housing, who was nominated by her colleague Tara Dones. Tara expressed that she nominated Brittany because of her years of dedication to their residents and her invaluable role as a mentor within their team. Tara appreciates Brittany's humility and approachability, which make everyone feel comfortable coming to her with questions and concerns. In this Q&A, Brittany shares her journey, the rewarding aspects of her job, and her vision for the future of the communities she serves. Read on to learn more!

How did you initially become involved with this work?

I became professionally involved with this work during my case management internship with Jamboree during my final semester of undergrad at Cal State Fullerton. I graduated with a B.S. in Human Services in 2018, and stayed on full-time with Jamboree, working with various populations living in our PSH (Permanent Supportive Housing) properties and those experiencing homelessness, as well. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love a lot about my job! A few aspects of the work I enjoy are collaborating with co-workers at Jamboree and other community nonprofits/agencies, and assisting families and individuals who were previously unhoused thrive and accomplish their goals in our PSH properties. Being present on move-in day for a family is also very rewarding. There's so much to highlight, I can't say I have one favorite part.

What do you envision for the future for the communit-ies you serve?

I envision a future where there is not only enough affordable and supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness and hardship, but also a future where everyone has equitable access to these housing opportunities. Housing is healthcare.

Thank you, Brittany, for all that you do!

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